GMO Bowls

As a ceramic artist, I gravitate towards utilitarian objects. The bowl seemed the perfect backdrop on which to tell this story about food in the 21st century. I first heard about the GMO – Genetically Modified Organism in 1992. I didn’t really take it seriously then, never thinking that this science weirdness would affect me. Now it affects us all on a global level. It turns out that a majority of the population have been unwitting participants in a massive science experiment with food that was introduced surreptitiously to the public in 1996. The long-term negative ramifications of this genetic roulette are not fully known.

We evolved from this amazing planet, complete with clean air and water and abundant and healthy food sources. It has been our biggest flaw and weakness as a species to take it all for granted and feel that we can pick and choose which organisms and ecosystems to keep and which to manipulate or destroy. Our arrogance that somehow we can improve on the earth’s perfect system will be our ultimate downfall.

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