A Nobility of Beasts

A Ceramic Narration of Beastial Assemblage

Collective nouns began in the 13 century with “The Bok of St. Albans” which served to describe to hunters what was seen in the woods, like,  “A Covey of Quail”.

In December of 2018 I was introduced to the lovely little book “A Charm of Goldfinches” by Matt Sewell. It cronicles over 5o collective nouns for animals with beautiful, watercolor illlustrations.

I became intrigued with the idea of illustrating collective nouns of the animal kingdom, by way of sculpting them out of clay. I was later introduced to “A Compedium of Collective Nouns” by Woop Studios. This much larger volume further enticed me into the project.

I ended up sculpting 81 pieces that were grouped in sets of three to make 27 “Smithsonian-esque” framed works of art. Initially this project’s main focus was on clever word and art combinations, but it became an environmental love story for all the animals on this planet.

“A Nobility of Beasts” has been published into an art book, which is available for sale in softcover or limited edition hardcover versions on my Books page.

Visit my Media page to view two videos about this project.


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