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Mandy Stapleford Clay ArtistMandy Stapleford’s art and inspiration is derived from the wonders of the natural world. Her work in clay explores an array of forms, colors and textures she finds in nature. She strives to illustrate seamless and powerful relationships between art, science, nature and ourselves. Her work is original and innovative yet it is entirely familiar. It is the inside on the outside; the psyche and essence exposed. Much of her work deconstructs long held distinctions between the modern human and an ancient earth.

Mandy settled in Taos, New Mexico in 1998 and built her straw-bale house and dream studio, where she currently lives and works. In 2009 and 2010 she co-created the immensely popular art and education exhibits ‘SEED’ and ‘SEED 2’, which featured numerous artists creating work inspired by macro-photography of seeds. These exhibitions also focused attention on environmental concerns involving seeds and the health of our planet in a way that only art can. ‘SEED 3’ will be on exhibition in Taos in October of 2011.

As an award winning artist, her work has been consistently exhibited in galleries from the East Coast to the West since 1987. In 1994 and 1995 she created, curated and produced ‘Sculpture on the Creek’ I and II, which brought hundreds of viewers, many of whom might never enter a gallery, to a multi artist, outdoor art exhibition in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. These large exhibitions strive to include the 'everyman' to view, experience and get involved in art and to recognize art's critical importance in our lives. Mandy's smaller shows focus on her environmentally inspired clay sculpture and utilitarian ware. "Beautiful art should be a part of our everyday existence, in the gallery, in the bathroom or at the kitchen table. If not, what are we fighting for?" She is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with a BFA in Ceramics.


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Mandy Stapleford Sculpting a SeaBowl in her Taos New Mexico StudioMandy Outside her Taos New Mexico StudioMandy Stapleford Sculpting LArge Horns for Gardens and Archways
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